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Ever wanted to be a part of one of the most unique spanking sites on the internet?  Now you can! has been online for over three years and is the most visited "all spanking video" site around.  We secure deals with the leading spanking producers that allow us to post spanking video clips from their full length features, in return for site marketing.  This program has given us a full archive of videos to update with.  We currently update once a week with such names as Rigid East, Real Spanking Video Productions, Sting In The Tail, and many more!  These names drive spanking enthusiasts to our site, and in turn result in outstanding conversion rates.  Join now and take 50% of every signup you send to us

How does it work?    Signup Now

Simply post our banner, a text link or even use a pop-up console to send surfers to our site.  For every visitor you send that signs up for a membership to our site, you will get 50% of the initial subscription cost.  That's $7.50 just for sending traffic our way!  Because of our update schedule and the content that is included, webmasters under this program need to do very little work.  Get the surfers here and we do the rest!  We handle all customer service issues: problems, complaints, cancellations...etc, so you will never have to communicate with a subscriber.

How often am I paid?    Signup Now

You are paid once a week, regardless if you have 1 signup or 100 signups that week.  We use CCBill as our billing processor.  With their system you can login to view your stats at anytime, 24 hours a day.  Your management interface gives you a ton of information including dollar amount you have made to date, number of subscriptions, number of clicks from your partner ID, banner stats...etc.

Do you provide content for me the market your site?    Signup Now

Unfortunately not.  The licensing agreement made between us and the spanking producers we advertise for allows for this content to be used only on our site.  This prevents us from being able to share this content with anyone else, including our revshare partners.  Please do not use any of our content to market your revshare pages.

What banner can I use?    Signup Now

We have several banners already available for you on our banner farm.  Please download and serve from your server.  You can also design your own banner but it must go through our approval before it can be posted (email us a link to your banner for approval).  In addition, feel free to utilize entrance and exit pop-up consoles, as well as your site's "Exit" link if there is one.

All in all, we think you will find our partner program is an easy way to put a lot of extra money in your pocket for doing very little work.  Feel free to email us if you have any questions.

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